Sadkarma – A Spectral Veil 2005

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A Spectral Veil
Live at La Bas 2005

From a Spectral Veil DVD (2005/2006)
by Johan Snell (Kreaatio)

Live visuals/camera
by Random Doctors



some random highlights from the past

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Hard Soft Synth 3 ready for use – First live Jam sessions tomorrow at Lumipalloefekti (Lpr) with Tomplex


Check more info about Gieskes audiovisual machines:


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Kokeellisen elektronisen musiikin iltamat Jättömaa festivaaleilla


ODKID www.soundcloud.com/odkid

SARANA www.sarana.biz

PINK TWINS www.pinktwins.com

ESA KOTILAINEN fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esa_Kotilainen

KOELSE www.koelse.org

TOMPLEX www.tomplex.com

DIOXINE WAVES www.soundcloud.com/dioxine-waves


VJ RANDOM DOCTORS www.randomdoctors.com

VJ KLAUSTROFOBIA www.klaustrofobia.com


Esiintyjälista täydentyy vielä.


Lauantaina 20.7.2013 [15 – 03]
Kulttuuritallit, Kouvola


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The Big Combo — Jazz and Film Noir

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The Big Combo – Jazz on the screen

Jazz eli kukoistuskauttaan 40-60-luvuilla, jolloin se soi niin levyillä, klubeilla kuin elokuvissakin. Jazzsäveltäjät vakiinnuttivat asemansa elokuvien ja tv:n tuotantoryhmissä niin Amerikassa kuin Euroopassa. Sävellyksistä viihteellisimmät ovat jääneet yleisesti tunnetuiksi meidän ajallemme asti. Arvostettuja säveltäjiä edustivat esimerkiksi Krysztof Komeda ja Duke Ellington.

Taide-elokuviin sävelletyt kunnianhimoisemmat soundtrackit ovat unohtuneet ajan saatossa. Konsertissa kuullaan läpileikkaus tämän ajan elokuvien vähemmän tunnetuista jazzsävellyksistä. Kappaleet on sovitettu seitsenhenkiselle yhtyeelle.

Antti Hynninen, saksofonit
Panu Savolainen, vibrafoni
Tuomas Timonen, rummut
Eero Tikkanen, basso
Kasperi Sarikoski, pasuuna
Janne Toivonen, trumpetti
Samppa Leino, tuuba, trumpetti

Random Doctors, visuaalit


27.2.2013 klo 19:00
Musiikkitalo, Black Box
Liput: 15  /  10  /  5  eur

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Deep Space Helsinki Presents Peter van Hoesen

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Deep Space Helsinki presents:

Peter Van Hoesen (Time To Express)
Samuli Kemppi
Juho Kusti

VJ Random Doctors

Friday 22nd March 2013 | Kuudes Linja | 10€

The Belgian techno heavy-weight Peter van Hoesen returns for his second Deep Space Helsinki appearance after a mind-broadening dj set almost three years ago. The now Berlin-based sound designer/producer/DJ has been on the forefront of modern techno for years playing across the globe while managing his well-renowned label Time To Express and shows no sign of slowing down. Collaborations with Yves De May as Sendai and fellow techno cohort Donato Dozzy has seen Peter broadening his sound into new territory in recent years as evidenced on his latest album, Perceiver, that came out last year. Always experimenting with sound, Peter still relies on the good old techno beats when it comes down to showing his skills in the DJ booth. Van Hoesen is a master in combining different styles in his performances that are a combination of a live and DJ set in which he can tie together old Belgian Beat and the latest techno vibes from his studio and making it all seem effortless. His experience from playing at Festivals such as Labyrinth and Timewarp to clubs like Fabric and Berghain is guaranteed to set the night off so that techno aficionados don’t need to leave home empty handed. We are very happy to be able to once again bring Peter over to Kuudes Linja and make all of you dance the night away to the absolute best techno has to offer. You are all warmly welcomed!


Listen & Learn: Peter van Hoesen: Perceiver (T2X22) album mix


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Deep Space Helsinki Presents Svreca (ES, Semantica) 25.1.2013

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Deep Space Helsinki
Nokia Factory
Helsinki 25.1.2013

Svreca (ES, Semantica)
Samuli Kemppi (FI, Deep Space Helsinki)
Juho Kusti (FI, Deep Space Helsinki)
Visuals by Random Doctors (FI, VJFinland)

Great night with DSH – kicking some Deep Bass with Funktion One -Soundsystem at Nokia Factory. Really waiting for the Signal Two EP (DSH 002).


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Docpoint 2013 avajaisklubi

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Ti 22.1.2013 DocPoint -avajaisklubi, Adams klo 22 – 01

DocPointin avajaisklubilla jatketaan Hilton! Täällä ollaan elämä -avajaiselokuvan lähiötunnelmissa. Lavalla OG Ikonen + DJ Tatc, sekä DJ Sir Jake + VJ:t Random Doctors & Klaustrofobia.



Erottajankatu 15-17, Helsinki

22 – 01

Liput 7,50 € (+narikka 3 €)



VJ Teaser for Docpoint 2013 Opening Party

OG Ikonen – Liikun vain öisin

(Mieron tiellä, 3rd Rail Music 2009)

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Deep Space Helsinki is Back with Svreca (ES, Semantica)

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Deep Space Helsinki comes out of hiatus just in the time to heat up the coldest of seasons. To celebrate the release of Deep Space Helsinki – Signal Two EP we are very honoured to present SVRECA, the mastermind behind the renowned spanish techno label Semántica, as our first guest of 2013 at Kuudes Linja. Having started Semántica 6 years ago Svreca has already put out over 50 records on his label including releases from some of techno and IDM’s top players including Surgeon, Vladislav Delay, Silent Servant and Marcel Dettmann to name just a few. In the last few years Svreca has also left techno fans throughout the scene in awe of his stunning dj sets all mixed with precision and played out with skill and everyone from the people at Japan’s Labyrinth Festival to Berlin’s Berghain crew have hailed Svreca as someone who can please the most demanding of crowds. Following Semántica’s aesthetic, his style combines the attitudes of experimental music with a modern techno aesthetic where things push forward yet never forgetting it’s valuable past making Svreca a DJ who is guaranteed to light up a dancefloor wherever he plays. It’s safe to say we are well excited about putting this event together and what’s most exciting to us is to see all of YOU losing yourselves on the dancefloor once again. DSH is back, be ready!

Deep Space Helsinki, 25.1.2013
Kuudes Linja
Tickets 10€

Svreca (ES)
Samuli Kemppi
Juho Kusti
VJ Random Doctors



Take a sneak peek with

Deep Space Helsinki – Signal Two EP (DSH002)


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Hidria Spacefolk at Tavastia

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Hidria Spacefolk “13th Anniversary”




Visuals by Random Doctors & Klaustrofobia


Had a great time – proper tripped-out space rock.

Check out the new Hidria Spacefolk studio album Astronautica


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